Malta’s civil law offers strong legal and regulatory protection. Malta, as a jurisdiction, provides necessary certainty and security as the country is regarded as having a Tier I reputation as an EU member. Its robust regulatory framework is fully harmonized with EU and OECD rules.

Malta’s advantageous tax regime means that corporate tax, at a rate of 35% is offset against refunds available to foreign shareholders on the distribution of profits, which can result in a net tax rate of lower than 5%.

Malta successfully combines all the features of Anglo-Saxon trust and company concepts within a civil law framework and provides an effective and reliable legal and regulatory environment that offers both certainty and security. Malta trust is drafted within a highly regulated EU environment while remaining faithful to the original concept of a trust.

Malta offers protection and security through its own highly regulated environment. Trustees are licensed and strictly supervised by the Malta Financial Services Authority.

Malta administered trusts and companies benefit from a number of advantages when compared to other jurisdictions. The country’s lower set-up, administration costs and other professional (management, legal and accounting) fees offer attractive opportunities. English is the most commonly used language of business on the island, which is also a significant attraction.