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Multi-faceted experience and global expertise

Capricorn has been operating in Malta for more than a decade, and our sister company, Capricorn International, operated in Malta for more than 30 years before it’s business was assumed by Capricorn. We provide:

  • Trust services
  • Wide-ranging corporate advisory & administration services
  • Financial administration services.

We mean business

We have the experience and expertise to manage and administer trust and companies with worldwide connections. We provide a seamless and value added offering through our international network.

Through our understanding of trust and trustee services and our deep appreciation of the needs of our clients, we assist in the establishment of appropriate structures based on individual circumstances and requirements, and ensure that all regulatory licensing requirements are met.

Capricorn - Trust Services
Capricorn - Corporate Services

We have been driven by long term business relationships, resulting in growth and stability for our clients. With our comprehensive understanding of global business, we assist in the establishment and management of appropriate structures based on individual circumstances.



Malta’s civil law offers strong legal and regulatory protection. Malta, as a jurisdiction, provides necessary certainty and security as the country is regarded as having a Tier I reputation as an EU member. Its robust regulatory framework is fully harmonized with EU and OECD rules.

Malta successfully combines all the features of Anglo-Saxon trust and company concepts within a civil law framework. It provides a reliable regulatory environment that offers both certainty and security. Malta trust is drafted within a highly regulated EU environment while remaining faithful to the original concept of a trust.

Malta offers protection and security through its own highly regulated environment. Trustees are licensed and strictly supervised by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) and the Financial Intelligence Authority Unit (FIAU).

Malta registered structures benefit from a number of advantages when compared to other jurisdictions: Lower set-up, administration, and other professional fees (management, legal and accounting). Also, English is the most commonly used language of business on the island, which is significant attraction for international investors.

Capricorn - Malta Jurisdiction

What to expect from us?

Our focus is on providing a selected range of high quality personalized services. We aim to:

  • Maintain professional standards
  • Deliver appropriate solutions with skill and care
  • Provide a personal service, based on a clear understanding of objectives and efficient cost-effective delivery in line stated requirements
  • Maintain privacy, confidentiality and data protection
  • Act with discretion and integrity
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Capricorn - Services - Expectation 2
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