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About Us

SINCE 2012

Who we are

Capricorn Trustees was established in 2012 and is an independent, privately owned provider of trustee, fiduciary, corporate services and advisory services. The company is registered in Malta, regulated under the Trust and Trustees Act and is licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority.

Capricorn Trustees provides a selected range of personalized fiduciary and advisory services to individuals and companies with the purpose of protecting, managing and enhancing their accumulated wealth. The company also provides a selected range of personalized corporate administration and advisory services to individuals and companies, which allows clients to focus on their core business.

About Capricorn
About Us - Malta and South Africa

Malta & South Africa

Capricorn operates from Malta and has also representation in South Africa to cater for the needs of our Southern African clients

Capricorn - About Us - Expertise


Our team is a skilled group of experienced multi-disciplined professionals with expertise and experience in trust administration, corporate administration and international banking, accountancy and law.

CRS & FATCA Compliant

Capricorn Trustees is a registered Foreign Financial Institution within the meaning of the United States’ Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and a reporting Financial Institution under the OECD’s Common Reporting Standard (CRS).

Our Values



Work together

Working with our Capricorn family, recognising our own and each other’s uniqueness and diversity of thought and personalities. It is putting people first and willingly cultivating an inclusive, appreciative, supportive, respectful, secure and learning environment to build each other to enable individual and business growth



Excitement and Inspiration

Excitement and enthusiasm fuels our success. It inspires innovation, effectiveness and efficiency and leads to us to be the best we can,  driving the vision of each of us and the business



Do the right thing

Standing for what is right and true, acting with honesty, discretion, honour and transparency, building trust and loyalty and reliability



Skills and knowledge

Building on our individual and business experience, we grow our abilities and competency in our area of responsibility and contribute more effectively to the team effort, as well as  and our individual success and the success of the business



Own it

Conscientiously taking responsibility for outcomes, being accountable, accurate, effective, efficient and reliable and encouraging this in others. It is delivering quality and value to the business and our customers

Our Team

Our team provides a face to face client service where solutions are customized to suit the individual situation and requirements.

Mike McNaught


Alexandre Lemire


Kevin Forrest


Alex Du Cane


Dolly Gill

Finance Manager

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